9 Early Warning Signs Your Blood Pressure is Dangerously High (1 in 5 Don’t Know They Have It!)

High blood pressure is the most common cardiovascular disease affecting about 20% of the population. The risks of high blood pressure increase with age and affect 90% of 85-year-olds.
Only half of those affected are aware of their hypertension because this disease is often asymptomatic, which means that it does not cause any symptoms.

In 90% of cases, we do not know the cause of hypertension. But we know that age, heredity, lack of exercise or overweight can lead to a high blood pressure… But the most common cause is the buildup of arterial plaque cause by a high-fat and high-sodium diet.
Additionally, hypertension is responsible for up to 50% of deaths from heart disease and stroke and is a direct cause of kidney disease and kidney failure.
Here are 7 Early Warning Signs Your Blood Pressure is Dangerously High 

1. Headache and fatigue

luctuation in high blood pressure can cause headaches. If you keep experiencing quite unusual headaches often, then it is best not to ignore it and go for a check up immediately. Taking frequent painkillers and curbing the pain is only a short term relief.
Frequent feeling of fatigue and tiredness is also a part of the signs of high blood pressure that you must observe and get checked once you experience it too often.

2. Blurred vision

The optical nerve, located behind the eye, can be effected by hypertension. All of a sudden, you might suffer from a blurred vision and may be unable to see objects , unlike before. This is also said to be one of the top symptoms of high BP.

3. Dizziness

The lowering or heightening of blood pressure causes the heart to work harder, causing people to feel dizzy or light-headed.

4. Shortness of breath.

Disturbances in circulation can cause shortness of breath. You might find it difficults to breathe after doing simple tasks, which you might have not felt before.
Breathlessness is therefore a very important sign to show the chances of high BP.

5. Nausea and vomiting

It is not uncommon for the digestive system to be disturbed due to high blood pressure

6. Chest pain

The heart will pump faster and harder than usual. This is one of the most dangerous symptoms of high blood pressure. If ignored for a long time, it may also lead to conditions like sudden heart attack.

7. Nosebleeds

Small blood vessels can swell up in the nose and burst

8. Irregular heartbeat 

High blood pressure will surely lead to conditions like irregularities in the heartbeat, and it is better to conscious of these conditions.

9. Blood in urine

Blood in urine is also regarded of the top most dangerous forms of symptoms of high BP, which usually occurs when it is quite late to identify the condition. Immediate consulation with the doctor is necessary in this case.
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