8 Signs You’re Eating Way Too Much Sugar

Sugar is one of the universe’s greatest inventions. Between cake, cookies, ice cream, and pie, there are just so many sweet treats in existence. However, consuming too much sugar can have some pretty bad effects on your body, and you may not even be aware you’re eating too much of it. Here are eight signs you have too much sugar in your diet.

1. Bloating

If you feel bloated all the time, it may be due to a fructose (sugar) intolerance. Even if you don’t think you’re consuming much sugar, remember that foods like pasta and bread often contain startling high amounts of sugar.

2. Acne

Another telltale sign you’re eating too much sugar is acne. A spike in insulin can cause your skin’s oil glands to overproduce. This can create pimples, blemishes, and other unpleasant skin issues.

3. Weight Gain

This one’s pretty obvious, but eatig too much sugar can cause you to really pack on the pounds, specifically in the midsection area. If you have some extra weight around your stomach and hips, sugar may be the culprit.

4. Cavities

We all know that eating lots of sugar can cause cavities. If you constantly drink sugary beverages and have a serious sweet tooth, brushing your teeth won’t necessarily prevent you from getting cavities.

5. Brain Fog

Eating too much sugar can cause a cloudy feeling in your head, similar to what you would experience during a hangover. In addition, the spike and drop of blood glucose can produce headaches.

6. Muscle Pain

Sugar is unfortunately an inflammatory food. So if you have unexplained muscle and joint pain or are feeling stiff and uncomfortable, it could be the result of your sugar intake.

7. Energy Crashes

You already know that when you consume sugar, you experience a sort of sugar high. But unfortunately, when that short period of time is over, you’ll be left feeling exhausted. Instead of relying on sugar for an energy burst, try eating healthy fats like avocado or nuts instead.

8. Cravings

And last but not least, one of the most obvious signs you’re consuming too much sugar is constant cravings for more. Until sugar is completely out of your system, your body will continue to crave more of it. Try to slowly cut sugar out of your diet and these cravings will start to fade away.

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